BP America closes largest oilfield in U.S. after discovering leak

Well, there goes the prices of crude oil another few bucks a barrel. After discovering a leak in a pipeline in the Prudhoe Bay oilfield (the largest in the United States), oil company BP America closed the field down "indefinitely". The stated reason for the closure was the leak, but the leak wasn't a major spill. The important context here is that this leak "comes six months after the North Slope's biggest ever oil spill was discovered on a Prudhoe Bay transit line. Some 267,000 gallons of oil spilled. BP installed a bypass on that line in April with plans to replace the pipe. Only one of BP's three transit lines is operating." The info in quotes comes deep at the end of a report on the shutdown on MSNBC. This is the kind of stuff that should be front and center, don't you think?
BP's oilfield closure takes about eight percent of the U.S. oil production out of the picture. Politicians are saying they're glad BP America is playing it safe (this time), but worry about the effect on Alaska's economy and America's fuel supply. One estimate in the article is that oil prices may shoot up $10 a barrel because of the shutdown. There're more reasons to drive green every day, aren't there?

[Source: MSNBC]

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