2007 Corvette Z06 goes Atomic and gets higher price

The Corvette Z06 received minor upgrades for the 2007 model year along with a fairly substantial price increase. Where the 2006 Z06 could be had for $65,690, the new model will be starting $4,310 higher at $70,000. What do Vette-o-philes get for those extra dollars? A larger glove box for starters. OnStar is also an option now, along with an enhanced acoustics package that's supposed to keep the interior quiet despite the ferocious 505-hp, 7.0-liter LS7 V8 rumbling between the front tires. And you may have noticed the Z06 (and all Corvettes) is available in a new color, Atomic Orange Metallic. Now the Viper-busting Vette looks properly suited to blow an A-bomb sized hole in your wallet.

(More Atomic Z06 pics after the jump)

[Source: GM, Kicking Tires]

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