Five great vehicles for seniors (and not a Crown Vic in sight)

A Golden Age couple asked Savvy Senior writer Jim Miller for recommendations on a new vehicle, but the the couple didn't provide a price range or say if their sunset years are spent driving like Paul Newman or Morgan Freeman. Miller took a guess and based his recommendations on reliability, ease of entry, ability to adjust the seats for comfort, driver visibility, and of course value.

His recommendations, based on data from Edmunds include:
Though the list comes from the mind of just one man, what does it say that there are three Toyotas on the list? And is this the type of list on which Ford wants to see its Five Hundred? Not many, however, would argue with the Buick Lucerne's inclusion, except perhaps Tiger Woods. Miller provides his reason for each pick at the link. What would you recommend to an older couple looking to replace their ride?

Everybody knows Buick is automotive prune juice except for GM. Discuss.

[Source: Blade Plus

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