This Foxtrot comic has got to be about the Tesla Roadster

Maybe Bill Amend is an AutoblogGreen reader. On Wednesday, Amend's daily comic strip, Foxtrot, shows the young male character desiring a $100,000 electric vehicle that can go zero-to-sixty in under four seconds. Sound like anything you've read about here recently?

In the strip, the parents satirically suggest they can sell their house to buy the car. If what Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk told me holds up, then in a few years the comic family will be able to buy a Tesla EV sedan for maybe thirty or forty grand.

Wherever Amend heard about the Tesla Roadster, it sure didn't take long for the vehicle to make the jump into popular culture. Has anybody else seen the Roadster mentioned elsewhere in an entertainment context? If so, can you post where in the comments? Thanks.

[Source: Foxtrot]

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