Would the sale of Jaguar involve Land Rover, too?

Auto analysts are taking the hiring of Wall Street investment banker Kenneth Leet by Ford as a signal that the automaker is considering some drastic moves to get back in black. Chief among them is possibly selling off Jaguar, which of the four members of Ford's Premier Automotive Group, has shown the least potential for profitability. Speculation over buyers has already started with Peugeot and Renault the most likely candidates, and even TVR owned by Russian billionaire Nikolai Smolensky has been mentioned. One business analyst has gone so far as to suggest that Jaguar isn't enticing enough on its own, and would need to be paired Land Rover in order to create an attractive package deal for prospective buyers.
We've always thought the PAG group was a bit overcrowded with Jaguar extending its range from below the $30K mark (Volvo territory) all the way up to six-figure levels (Aston Martin territory) and beyond. Land Rover, meanwhile, has seemed to carve a nice niche for itself in the premium off-road market, and with the introduction of the new LR2 has assembled a fresh lineup. However, with Ford of North America weathering a large drop in truck and SUV sales, perhaps Land Rover, basically a purveyor of premium SUVs at its core, isn't the attractive asset it once was.

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[Source: The Independent]

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