Op-ed on Portland's biofuel mandate

As we mentioned last month, the City Council of Portland (Oregon) passed an ordinance in July requiring all gas stations in the city to blend some biofuel (either ethanol at 10 percent or biodiesel at five percent) into every bit of gasoline/ diesel they sell starting next July. An opinion column out yesterday in the East County News (from Portland) says that while the ordinance is admirable, a lot remains to be seen on the effectiveness of blending biofuels into our petroleum supply. I agree that biofuels are not the best solution, but the even the column's author recognizes that CO2 emissions are lowered when you're using biofuels, and that helps a bit. Portland as a whole is trying to make changes in the way people move around the city, including using better public transportation and encouraging people to ride bikes more often. Those options won't solve all of our problems, either, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be encouraged. Same with biofuels, for now.

[Source: East County News]

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