Hyundai offers diesel Tucson SUV to New Zealanders

Hyundai announced that it will sell a diesel version of its Tucson SUV to customers in New Zealand. The new two-liter turbo-charged injection diesel engine-powered Tucson will sell for $38,990NZ (about $24,142US). Hyundai New Zealand Managing Director Philip Eustace said rising fuel prices would make the already-popular Tucson even more so now that there is a diesel model. Hyundai sold 773 of the vehicles in New Zealand in 2005 and 455 through June of this year. As Bruno so often says when he covers these diesels-in-foreign-lands stories, when will we see these diesel versions for sale in the U.S.? Sometimes it seems like they're coming soon. Other times, not so much. I'm not saying I'd buy one, but it's better to have choices in these matters.

[Source: Platinum Today]

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