Honda may sell LPG cars in India

Different fuels for different countries, huh? Brazil's big into ethanol, America is, too, but there are also pockets of biodiesel. Now, Honda is looking into the possibility of selling liquefied petroleum gas-powered cars in India. It won't be a simple sail, though, as the LPG in India and Japan is different (it's made from propane in Japan and butane in India), according to an article in Financial Express. A company called Kingini International recently sent 400 kg of Indian LPG to Japan for Honda's R&D purposes.
Honda is being vague on the program. The Financial Express quotes Hiroshi Shimizu, director of sales & marketing for Honda Siel Cars India, as saying, "Honda is continuously exploring new fuel options that support environment friendly and sustainable technologies to power all Honda products. Our interest in alternate fuels such as CNG and LPG is part of this endeavor."

[Source: Financial Express]

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