Rail Runner commuter train switches to biodiesel - UPDATED

The commuter train Rail Runner Express in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is making the switch over to biodiesel, but a lot of the details have not been released yet. The Express, which currently only runs a 20-mile stretch between Albuquerque and Bernalillo, started operating a few weeks ago and officials are already talking about the high cost of operating the train on regular diesel. The switch to biodiesel will save about 30 cents a gallon, according to Rail Runner officials. While New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson said, "I am committed to promoting clean renewable energy in New Mexico. The Rail Runner is fast and clean, and - with the switch to biodiesel - it will be green as well", exactly when the biofuel will be put into service and what percentage biodiesel blend the fuel will be was not announced.
Late Update - Augusta Meyers, Communications Manager of the Mid-Region Council of Governments, emailed an answer to my question about what type of biodiesel in going to be put into the trails. She said it is B20, supplied by Amigo.

[Source: Rail Runner via AP]

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