Playing politics with hybrids

Politicians across California are using hybrid vehicles not just to get around, but also to get votes. That's the way Jason Newell over at the Daily Bulletin sees it anyway, and it's pretty easy to see that he's got a good point. Even though the monetary savings of hybrids are in question (and, to some, the environmental benefits are to be questioned as well), politicians running for state offices are more than happy to show off their green cars. I like the attitude ("Look, I'm green!"), but can also agree with a quote by Rudi Volti, a Pitzer College sociology professor and author of the book "Cars and Culture" in the story. "A lot of people [buy hybrids] for the same reason you buy a Ferrari or a hemi – it's kind of an indicator of who you are as a person and where your interests lie," he said. And who your voters are.

[Source: Daily Bulletin]

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