Everyone expected July 2006 sales to suffer in comparison to last year's record numbers, pumped up by huge incentives, but it's safe to say that Ford and Chrysler Group's numbers were surprisingly bad, especially in the case of Chrysler, which reinstated Employee Pricing in July (since extending it through August). General Motors was the last to report its July results, and it came out clearly on top of the Big 3, with U.S. sales for the month down a relatively modest 19.5 percent year-over-year.

On a vehicle basis, car sales were down a negligible 0.4 percent, but trucks and light trucks were both over 28 percent below last year's numbers, as the gas price crunch continues to depress SUV and truck sales.

Highlights (or lowlights) for individual models includes the Cadillac STS (down 39.4 percent), all Saab models (the brand was down 43.5 percent), the Corvette (up 55.2 percent), the Chevy Impala (up almost 60 percent), the Cadillac Escalade (down 34.1 percent), the Cadillac SRX (down 36.7 percent), Chevy's Suburban (down 40.5 percent). HUMMER's H3 was up 24.1 percent, while the H2 dropped 48 percent.

Surprisingly, Chevy's small cars didn't do particularly well even in a summer of high gas prices, with Aveo sales flat and Cobalt sales down 9.3 percent.

[Source: GM]

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