Biodiesel trucking concern looking for a few helpful answers

AutoblogGreen was sent an email the other day asking the following question: "We are starting a biodiesel venture, and have been trying to get good info without spending $12,000 or more to finish our business plan. Do you have any leads that could help?" I asked the sender to explain further and he said that his group, Amerigy, has been "putting together a business plan, and have been wading through government information about diesel sales, biodiesel sales, and other market information relating to biodiesel" and is focused on interstate trucking and transportation. Basically, he'd like to know if there are any reports that could help him out that cost less than $1,000 or if there are some other start-ups out there that want to work together to buy one of the more expensive reports (you know, the $44,000 ones). I thought it'd be good to throw the question out to the AutoblogGreen community. Any such groups out there? Anyone with a biodiesel business plan sitting around? If you're interested in helping, or know someone who is, post a comment or send us an email. Thanks.
[Source: Amerigy]

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