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Hydrogen versus ethanol battle gets new combatant

Jeffrey Kline of South Dakota, like most Americans, was getting frustrated with increasing gas prices. Finally he decided to do something about it. With business partner Mike Glau, Kline started H2Dynamic, whose goal is to fuel future hydrogen cars.

The odds against H2Dynamic are long. Many investors both in the state and elsewhere across the nation are placing their bets on ethanol. There are plenty of vehicles that run on the crop-derived fuel source while hydrogen-powered vehicles are still experimental and very expensive. But Kline is not deterred.

"We think hydrogen's better for the long-term than ethanol just because the inputs for hydrogen are water and electricity, you can generate electricity from the wind, you can get water from rain, it's very natural."

More details can be found at the link. We at AutoblogGreen wish Kline, Glau, and H2Dynamic the best. Like any auto enthusiasts, we've seen plenty of small folks (Toyota, Microsoft) take on formidable opponents (General Motors, IBM) and succeed in one form or another.

[Source: Keloland Television]

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