Refining the in-car iMac

We've seen our fair share of vehicles whose obsessive diligent owners have chosen to integrate their favorite OS into their whips. While most of us are content to bring our iPods along for the journey, what happens when you put a professional on the job?
Mattes Interieurtechnik specializes in only the most luxurious interior accoutrements. Previous in-car upgrades run the gamut from a mild Cooper S trim job to a full on redo of a Porsche Carrera GT. The ride that caught our attention though was this 2006 Mercedes CLS. Before the interior was draped in its cream-colored leather, a 17" iMac was installed behind the front seats. At just over an inch thick, the fully integrated screen rests cleanly on the transmission tunnel, while back seat passengers utilize a wireless keyboard and mouse to operate this mobile mac-o-phile's dream rig. Any concerns about theft are nullified as the entire unit can be removed in under a minute.

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