"Nanodiesel" technology invalid due to human background, tech difference?

John Gartner of Autopia questions the validity of technology that generates oil from trash found in landfills. His concern is the company Green Power, Inc., and company CEO Michael Spitzauer.
Inventor Christian Koch of Green Power states to have developed the technology. He, with Spitzauer, demonstrated it recently in Washington. The process, a variation of thermal depolymerization, takes organic wastes and converts it into the oil. Green Power is looking to open 1500 plants by decade's end. State Spitzauer, "The big oil companies in Europe and this country have made threats to us, but even if they would do something to our lives, this company will go on. Our plant works, and we will make diesel for the people."

Gartner wonders, though, if Spitzauer is trying to pull the wool over "gullible" Americans' eyes. Apparently Spitzauer has an unsavory past, having been convicted of fraud in Austria as well as misstating his criminal past on his U.S. immigration form. Then he wonders about the process itself based on one scientist's concern that oil was used for the demo but the documentation states no such oil will be used in the full-sized plant.

Our take? Leave Spitzauer's past to the government to deal with and just do more testing on the technology.

[Source: Associated Press via Billings Gazette and Seattle Times via Autopia]

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