Soon at a pump near you: Virgin Fuels

Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, is worried about global warming, since his business interests cover six continents and deal with transportation through the air and on land. But Branson, being the prolific entrepreneur he is, does not see disaster; he sees opportunity to reinvent the fuel business. Branson is investing in traditional alternatives such as ethanol plants and solar power, but he is also developing a new ultra clean fuel that can power jets, cars and trucks. The fuel should work with cars, trucks and trains within a year, and within five years for commercial jet engines. Believe it or not, it will be called Virgin Fuel. While Branson is concerned about global warming and CO2 emissions, the ultimate motive of his ventures is to increase profit, and with oil prices above $70 a barrel, alternative fuels are making more business sense. The Virgin Group is set to invest about $1 billion in alternative fuels in the next four years. Read the complete article to get some insight in Branson's business ideas.
[Source: CNN Money]

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