Smile! You're on the TruScene TS-1L candid crash cam

Law enforcement has long known the benefits of aiming a video camera through the front windshield, but until now that kind of high-tech observation was too expensive and impractical for a consumer just looking to make his case in court. Enter the TruScene TS-1L camera that was unveiled recently at the British Motor Show. The single-lens camera unit records a 30-second loop, which it will continuously delete unless an impact above a certain g-force is detected. If an impact is registered, the system will transfer the last recorded loop of video to non-volatile memory for later review. The TS-1L also encrypts and watermarks the video to ensure that it can't be tampered with later on. The quality of the video is very high, above what you're used to seeing on COPS. You can check out sample clips of what the TS-1L records at the manufacturer's website, and also register to be notified when the product's released in the fall.
[Source: TruScene via Fourtitude]

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