Rumored Bentley SUV refuted

Odd-looking Porsche Cayenne mules have been spurring rumors that a Bentley SUV is in the works, with some reporting that Bentley insiders are calling the project the Cross Continental. Reilly Brennan over at Winding Road went straight to the source and asked Bentley's new general manager for public relations, David P. Reuter, whether or not there was any truth to the matter.
Reuter was clear in denying the rumors, saying "Bentley Motors is the maker of powerful, luxurious, grand touring motor cars and an SUV simply does not fit with our model lineup. We have no intention of producing the vehicle described in these reports."

From our own talks with Mr. Reuter, we know that Bentley doesn't intend to tarnish its exclusive image by becoming a volume seller, and the success of the Continental GT and Continental Flying Spur have already increased the brand's overall sales to nearly its maximum target volume.

In the first half of this year Bentley has already attracted the highest U.S. sales of the Exotic 8, which also includes, Lotus, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce and Maybach. Seems like Bentley's doing just fine without an SUV in its lineup.

[Source: Winding Road, Automotive News]

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