Drag Tag - virtual drag racing with your own car

Drag Tag is an indoor facility in Australia where you can virtually drag race your own car using a patented dyno, hold-down, steering and visualization simulator. Design, developed and operated in Australia, Drag Tag uses its own specially-designed hold-down system to keep your car strapped on the dyno during WOT. Laser sensors are used to monitor the angle of the front wheels and gather steering data, while three massive 4.5-meter screens provide over a 200-degree of various simulated race environments.

The Drag Tag website points out the obvious benefits it has to offer over actual racing, which include a complete disregard for the weather outside, shorter lines, no helmets or race suits required and really fast cars don't need any expensive safety equipment like a roll cage.

In order to join the fun, one must first purchase a membership to Drag Tag that include installation of the special hold-down brackets, after which nightly racing can cost anywhere from AUS $10 to $50 for an evening of digital automotive mayhem.

While there's no replacement for the experience of a real Christmas Tree going green and dropping the hammer, the idea of driving your own car in a video game is strangely appealing.

[Source: Drag Tag via autoblog.nl]

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