On August 18th, Gary "Chopit" Fioto will be handing over the keys to one of his many custom creations during this year's RM Auction in Monterey.

The "Beatnik" started life as a humble 1955 Ford and then promptly lost its head. Over a four-year period, Fioto ripped, welded and pilfered, borrowing heavily from the Lincoln and Cadillac parts bin. Exploring your way around the car is the equivalent of an automotive jigsaw puzzle. Identify one piece and then sit bemused about where the next line or bulge will lead.

After being bathed in Bath and Body Works lavender, focus was drawn to the engine bay were a small-block V8 found a home. The Bubble's heart was chromed, polished and equipped with a half-dozen carbs, ensuring some measure of performance wasn't left out of the equation.

Already a prize-winning ride, "Chopit" expects his bubble-top beauty to find an owner willing to buy at the right price. That price you ask? Appraisals for the "Beatnik" are in the $350,000 to $450,000 range.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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