Vintage metal converges at the Modena Cento Ore Classic

Reader Alan Guerzoni tipped us off about the recently-contested Modena Cento Ore Classic, a vintage road/track rally in which participants cover 1000km in four days across 10 timed special stages and 3 track stages.

This year's overall winner was a 1965 Shelby GT350 that was raced by its Swiss owner. It was joined by some seriously exotic hardware on the four-day journey, including the stunning Mercedes 300 SLS Porter (great story about that car here), a bevy of E-Types, including a dead-sexy low drag '61 car, and a pair of Alfa Romeo Giulia TZs -- a '63 TZ1 and a '65 TZ2 -- just to name a few examples.

Alan has a gallery of brilliant photos from the race that we encourage you to check out. The event's official site has a full entrant list and a lot of great information about the race if you're interested in learning more about it as well.

This is one we wish we were on hand for.

(More photos after the jump)

[Source: Alan Guerzoni]

Mercedes 300 SLS Porter 1961 Jaguar E-Type Low Drag 1961 Jaguar E-Type Low Drag 1965 Shelby GT350

1970 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona
Dozens of additional shots of the event by this photographer available here.

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