Plug-in hybrid conversion kits a profitable venture

It's not only the oil companies that make money when gas prices soar. Aftermarket hybrid hackers ( CNN Money's term) like EDrive or Hymotion that will turn your Prius into a 100 mpg plug-in version will soon be doing quite well, thank you (read more here). The two companies will be selling the conversion kits by the end of the year. The EDrive kit will cost you $12,000, installation, and Hymotion's kit is $500 more. Hymotion co-founder Ricardo Bazzarella said that in 12 months his company's kit would cost only $6,500. Even with the drop, Bazzarella said the profit margin would be around 20 to 25 percent. Until Toyota debuts the official plug-in Prius, there's money to be made in using less gas.

[Source: CNN Money, Thanks to Jason for the tip]

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