New Corvette division courtesy of... GM/Nissan?

Leave it to Johnny Lieberman of The Truth About Cars to come up with a sports car enthusiast's wet dream from the current General Motors and Renault/ Nissan imbroglio. His idea? A new performance division resulting from the "sinergy" of General Motor's and Nissan's best sports cars.

The flagship of this new division would be the 7.0-liter Corvette Z06. Just below it, Nissan's new GT-R. Further down would be the Chevrolet Camaro Concept and Nissan's 350Z. Lieberman admits that both would have buyers lunging at each others throats market segments, so he suggests AWD and 380-hp for the Z, to compete with the likes of the EVO and STI, while Shelby GT500 buyers would be attracted to the Camaro's All-American bad-boy looks and 505-hp LS7 engine. The Pontiac Solstice would bring up the back, providing an entry level vehicle for the new division.

Has Robert Farago's cohort gone mad? Or would such a division literally drive fans to GM/Nissan showrooms after emptying their Porsche savings? Give us your yays and nays in comments.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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