Would you buy a small car if it matches large car amenities?

The Case family, on their recent trip to the UK, had a chance to check out some European cars which, unlike in the U.S., "small" was not synonymous with "economical" and "cheap".

Loyd Case discovered the Mercedes-Benz A190, a four-door hatchback which is the first Benz said he's ever fallen in love with. The family also viewed the Audi A2 (pictured) and four-door versions of the SMART cars (two-door versions of which will be arriving in the U.S. in the next few years). The Cases, whose experiences with diesel vehicles have been less than favorable in the U.S., found not a trace of blue smoke from their diesel-powered Ford minivan.

After reading the Cases' experience, would you buy a small car with similar luxury and functionality? Or are American cars still your first choice?

[Source: Extreme Tech]

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