Cummins to supply light-duty diesels to - who?

Cummins Inc. has inked a deal with an unnamed automaker to supply high-performance light-duty diesel engines to be used in various truck and SUV applications. These engines will be a new foray into the mass market for the diesel engine manufacturer, which is best known for powering big rigs across the U.S.
Cummins says the project resulted from a 9-year partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy to develop high-performance, fuel-efficient, clean diesel engines that provide an average fuel savings of 30 percent over comparable gas engines. Cummins has not yet picked a site to construct a manufacturing facility for the engines, but does have a short list.

While the automaker in question prefers to remain anonymous for competitive reasons, our sources tell us that it's likely DaimlerChrysler. DCX would make sense considering Cummins already supplies Dodge Ram heavy-duty pickups with its 5.9-liter HO turbo diesel. Our sources also say that the engines, which will use a V layout and not be inline, will go into the Dodge Ram 1500 and Durango.

Thanks to John and Mike for the tip!

[Source: Cummins]

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