Brazil looking to move up B-5 target to 2010

The Brazilian government, which had set a target of a 5 percent mix of biodiesel in the country's diesel fuel by 2013, is studying the possibility of moving up the legislation to reach the target by 2010. The 5 percent biodiesel mix, known as B5, will require 2.4 billion liters of biodiesel, a production level that could be reached by 2010 with the current growth in biodiesel production. Each percentage point of biodiesel mix will save the country about $140 million, which should be sufficient motivation to increase the percentage of biodiesel as fast as possible. While Brazil is already a net oil exporter, largely due to the substantial ethanol production used in passenger cars, the country still imports 2 billion liters of diesel oil to meet its fuel needs.
[Source: Wisconsin Ag Connection]

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