New York Times drives into SVO diesel story

Here's something I didn't know about converting a diesel engine to run on straight vegetable oil: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it is a violation of the Clean Air Act, so violators could be hit with a fine of $2750. Finding this out is why New York Times reporters get paid more than bloggers, I guess.
Anyway, the Times' Sunday story on putting straight vegetable oil into a converted Jetta TDI is a good read. The author got a kit from Greasecar and paid about $1,700 for the kit and the installation. Since making the switch about 2,000 miles ago, the Jetta gets "slightly better mileage, it seems to run a little more quietly and it has just as much zip as it does on diesel." A good enough reason to think about converting your diesel, or at least to go read the entire article here.

[Source: New York Times via Treehugger]

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