Vermont voters can choose supporter of alternative energy this fall

Vermont State Senator Peter Welch is counting on an energy plan that emphasizes energy efficiency and biofuels to get him votes as he runs for Congress this fall. Welch held a press conference last week – standing with biofuel producers and farmers – to explain his plan. Welch's plan includes increased fuel economy standards for new cars and trucks, developing incentives for companies that build efficient, flex-fuel or alternative energy vehicles, and taking money the oil and gas companies got in 2005 in the form of tax cuts and using it to develop renewable energy sources. Other aspects of the plan include a 21st century Marshall plan, international ally building to reduce CO2 emissions, and stopping "royalty relief" for oil companies drilling on public lands. Vermont is in specific danger of global warming, Welch said, because important parts of the economy (ski areas, maple syrup producers) rely on cold weather.

[Source: Vermont Guardian]

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