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The most scenic jaunts in the U.S.

You might think that Europe has the market cornered on scenic drives, what with its old world charm, looming castles, rolling vineyards and ancient ruins.

The folks at MSN Travel, however, think that the United States has some pretty drives as well, and in honor of the days being ripe for road trips, they've narrowed the list down to their top 10 faves.

Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina starts the list off with nature at its best, Highway 1 in California is thrown in there as an obvious choice, and the drive through Sonoma and Napa Valley could give the French countryside a run for its money.

But what about the roads less traveled? Not to disappoint, the article includes drives like Seward Valley through Resurrectoin Bay to Anchorage in Alaska, as well as Going to the Sun Road through Montana's Glacier National Park.

[Source: MSN Travel]

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