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Jeep believes bobbleheads will help sell the Compass

Chrysler has an interesting advertising campaign coming up to sell the Jeep Compass to the 22-30 year-old urban demographic -- lure 'em in with bobbleheads.

The vehicle, which marks Jeep's first foray into strictly on-road territory, is expected to appeal to a much more diverse and urban audience than other Jeep vehicles. To reach this audience, Jeep has created four 30-second commercials depicting bobbleheads bouncing along to KRS-One's "Steady Bounce," which conveniently has lyrics about Jeeps on the New York streets.

One ad depicts a bobblehead driving a Compass down the street while other bobbleheads eye his rims. Closing out the commercial, bobbleheads break it down under a disco ball in the club--er, back of the Compass decked out to look like a club.

Jeep decided to go with the bobblehead idea because bobbleheads apparently heavily appeal to the company's target market for the Compass.

Our last foray into a discussion on the urban demographic devolved pretty quickly, so please keep the comments respectful.

[Source: Detroit News]

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