GM's OnStar expands to help with fuel economy

General Motors has long billed their OnStar service as a safety and security system. Now, not wanting to miss out on gaining sales based on customers exasperation with high gas prices, GM announced yesterday that OnStar will send select OnStar members a monthly diagnostic email that can improve fuel economy. The new service, called OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, "collects valuable maintenance information on four of the vehicle's key operating systems from hundreds of diagnostic checks and sends a personalized e-mail directly to the owner." I'm not sure how handy the information will be to anyone who is even remotely concerned about their fuel economy already. GM promises that the emails "will include tire pressure monitoring, E85 ethanol compatibility, enhanced vehicle emissions data and oil-life monitoring predictions to provide subscribers with real-time information on how they can help reduce gasoline consumption." One way the service will work is by telling you if you can put E85 in your car (useful at least once) and also give directions to the nearest E85 pump (pretty useful multiple times).
[Source: GM ]

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