Spy Shots: 2008 Ford Focus

This is a pretty bad shot of a heavily camo'd 2008 Ford Focus taken with a camera phone. It's damn near impossible to see any changes, but we'd bet our last gallon of gas that there's a shiny three-bar chrome grille hiding under that covering. The 2008 MY Focus will likely see the last tweak before we (FINALLY) get a Focus based on the company's C1 platform around 2010. Until then Ford will graft the Fusion's three-bar grin onto the Focus and apparently refresh the rear, as well.
Rumor on the Focaljet forum where this and more pics were posted is that the Focus three-door hatchback, five-door hatchback and possibly wagon will be deleted from the lineup next year. As far as we know that's just speculation, although it wouldn't surprise us if Ford trims down the number of Focus models being offered in the last couple of years before it's replaced. Perhaps if we're lucky part of Ford's accelerated Way Forward plan will be to sell the C1-based Focus here ahead of schedule.

Thanks focaljet-1 for the tip!

[Source: Focaljet]

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