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Opels brought to life by Pixar

Think you've seen a lot of tie-ins involving Disney/Pixar's Cars this summer? Well, here's one more, in which the stars of the Opel lineup get a Pixar-style rfacelift.

Click here and you'll be brought to an Opel/Cars minisite that shows the characters from Pixar's latest tour de force interacting with the Opel Astra (above), Opel Meriva, and Opel Zafira. In addition to the intro movie that plays automatically when you enter the site, you can click on a link to watch a Euro-market TV commercial that shows the three GM cars auditioning for the part of Mater.

The spot is well done, and it's pretty neat seeing how the Pixar folks gave life to the Opels. Each car has it's own personality: Astra is very sporty and aggressive, Zafira is slick and stylish, and Meriva ... well Meriva's a little more shy. If you saw Cars and liked it, you'll get a kick out of it.

Desktop wallpapers, a screensaver, behind-the-scenes podcasts, and a PDF coloring book are also available for download.

Addendum: Thanks to reader/commenter Scott K for finding the direct link to the minisite!

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[Source: Opel]

Opel Zafira:

Opel Meriva:

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