Modine develops fuel cell for heavy-duty truck heating and cooling

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates more than one billion gallons of fuel are used every year to heat and cool idling heavy-duty diesel trucks at rest stops around the country. The tightening hours of service regulations will make this problem even worse for the more than half a million heavy-duty diesel trucks on U.S. roads. One possible solution to the problem is using fuel cells to serve as auxiliary power units (APU), producing electrical energy which allows the vehicle cab to be heated or cooled. New York-listed firm Modine, a developer of heating and cooling systems for a variety of applications, has developed such a fuel cell system, which promises to cut cost and help the environment. The system promises to deliver electrical energy continuously for more than 10 hours. These fuel cell APUs could become the first commercially available application for fuel cells in the transportation sector.
[Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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