Mitsubishi Motors announced last week their Environment Initiative Program 2010 (EIP 2010), a plan that, according to the company, will guide Mitsubishi in "its efforts to achieve harmonious co-existence with the environment and also to contribute to a sustainable society as it works toward corporate revitalization and growth". The EIP 2010 follows Mitsubishi's 2002-2005 Environment Sustainability Plan (ESP). There are four main areas of the EIP 2010: environmental management, prevention of global warming, prevention of environmental pollution and recycling and resource conservation. The EIP 2010 also aims to reduce dependence on oil. While Mitsubishi announced the program last week, the company said it would publish a detailed description of the EIP 2010 in the Mitsubishi Motors Social and Environmental Report 2006 later this summer.

[Source: Mitsubishi Motor Company]

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