Hybrids are becoming the economical choice for commercial vehicles

The return on investment for hybrid technology in commercial vehicle technologies is reaching the tipping point, according to a study performed by ABIresearch. While consumer hybrids generally get the attention, many commercial vehicle customers, who are normally very wary of unproven technologies, are starting to warm up to fuel saving technologies such as hybrids. While emissions reductions are a benefit of hybrid vehicles, the real value for the commercial customers is in the improvement in fuel economy and reductions in maintenance cost. With the increase in orders follow economy of scale effects, which are making the hybrid vehicles for certain commercial markets the economical choice, not merely the environmental one. While consumer hybrids are currently only variations of the parallel architecture, using batteries as energy storage, for the commercial market both parallel and series architectures are available and hydraulic energy storage is offered by some manufacturers as an alternative to electrical systems.
[Source: BusinessWire]

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