Ford employee chases spy photographer in 2008 F-250

To hear Chris Doane tell it, the day was like any other. He stumbled upon a 2008 Ford Super Duty F-250 Powerstroke in a parking lot and started snapping away. The driver eventually returned and this is where Doane's day took a sharp turn towards the bizarre and frightening. The driver in question, who our sources tell us is indeed a Ford employee, snapped a synapse and chased Doane on public roads for a half an hour, including following him in and out of parking lots, tailgating him while running through highway traffic, and nearly swallowing his car in the gaping maw of the F-250's grille at stoplights.
To hear it in Doane's own words is a treat, and you can do so here. As for the Ford employee who lost control of his 'roid rage, it's just a 2008 Super Duty, man. Chill. We've got three posts up linking to spy shots of the next F-350 here, here and here. It's not like you were driving a C1 Focus or next-gen Mustang.

Thanks SobeSVT for the tip!

[Source: Cheers and Gears]

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