Electric Nissan 240SX drag racer

With all the hype surrounding the new Tesla EV, one of the Autoblog readers pointed us to a grassroots EV effort. Matt Graham converted a 1990 Nissan 240SX into a fully electric car, calling it the "Joule Injected" electric car. The car contains 25 batteries, and two fairly large DC motors. The donor car was pretty much stripped down to the frame, and then significant modifications followed to fit all the new components. The running gear for the car was borrowed from a Nissan 300ZX. The fascinating part of the story is that even this backyard project blows the doors of many sports cars in a quarter mile race. The "Joule Injected" EV has about 160 wheel hp, and a massive 650 ft/lb of torque, allowing it to post an excellent quarter mile time of 13.364 seconds.
[Source: Joule Injected, with a tip from glitched]

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