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Automakers drop mad cash on advertising in 2005, but less than in '04

Automakers spent $10.46 billion on advertising in 2005, a short step down from 2004 by .85 percent. Significant changes came in the shift from network television (down 15 percent) and magazine ads (down 4.5 percent) to internet advertising (up 16.9 percent, woo-hoo!) and cable spots (up 14.6 percent). Despite a drop in Ford Motor Company's advertising of 21.2 percent to $984.6 million, the company still led the automakers in ad spending in 2005, with General Motors not far behind with $876.6 million (down from 2004's $908.1 million). Bringing up the rear is Audi, which spent $101.4 million, an increase after 2004's $79.9 million.

[Source: Advertising Age via Automotive News]

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