Turning trash in useable fuel, part 2: hydrogen

After Bruno wrote two days ago about turning municipal waste (or turkey guts) into oil, we got an email from AutoblogGreen reader Mike Muri pointing us to a company he likes so much he invested money in it. After reading about SHEC's research into turning landfill gas into hydrogen, I can see why Muri's so excited. SHEC describes their Dry Fuel Reformation process this way: "The system comprises a solar mirror array, an advanced solar concentrator, a shutter system to control the amount of radiant energy entering the reactor, and two thermo-catalytic reactors that will convert methane, carbon dioxide and water into hydrogen." The company claims it can use methane from just about any source to make "high purity hydrogen" and "commercial grade carbon dioxide". If this all works as proposed, then one of the major arguments against hydrogen as a power source for vehicles – that it ultimately relies on fossil fuels to either obtain or produce hydrogen – could be eliminated from the equation. Now that's a future worth investing in.
[Source: SHEC, thanks to Miles Muri]

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