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Tesla CEO spotted in Autoblog comments - great debate ensues

We're always wondered if that guy in the comments who goes by the name of "Willy Ford" is the actual scion of Henry Ford himself and CEO of Ford Motor Company, Bill Ford. Probably not, but some CEOs do actively participate in the Autoblog community, like Martin Eberhard, CEO of Tesla Motors. Eberhard must be a busy guy, as the countdown timer on Tesla Motors' website shows only 1 day, 8 hours, 59 minutes and 2 seconds left before the all-EV Tesla Roadster debuts (at the time of this writing), but he's sacrificed some precious ticks of the clock to participate in an outstanding discussion in the comments of our most recent post on Tesla.

We applaud Mr. Eberhard for stepping out, getting his message to the people and interacting openly with... well... his customers. And the dialogue between Eberhard, "Charles S." and "doable" in the comments is a fantastic debate on the efficacy of electric vehicles.

[Source: Us]

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