G-Wiz EV AC has greater range and higher top speed

The Reva G-Wiz electric vehicle is now available in AC. The new version of the G-Wiz DC has a higher top speed (45 mph) and can go 48 miles on a charge (if you're driving in economy mode). Compare this to the DC version's 40 mph top speed and 40-mile range.

The price is better, too. The DC version sells for £8,299, but the G-Wiz AC will be offered at an introductory price of £7,999 until the end of October. That month is also when the first deliveries of the AC are expected. In the near future, the DC's price will drop to £6,999

GoinGreen, the website that sells the G-Wiz, announced the changes yesterday. The website says that there are 500 of the vehicles in London and calls the city "the electric car capital of the world".

[Source: GoinGreen]

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