Ethanol production increasing in Hawaii

An often-overlooked aspect to the energy debate is location. Different places have different energy needs and energy production possibilities. For a long time, Hawaii, for example, imported just about all the energy it needed. With new technologies coming online, Hawaii's energy production potential has increased. Columnist Jan TenBruggencate at the Honolulu Advertiser used his column yesterday to see how the piecemeal alternative energy infrastructure being built no only in the islands but around the world are working together to reduce reliance on petroleum products. It's amazing to read that Hawaii is on track to produce enough ethanol to meet the E10 blend mandate for its gasoline, and that some of the islands' electric power plants may someday run on ethanol. Wind and solar have long had fans in Hawaii, and it seems the ethanol boom is not limited to the Midwest and Brazil.
[Source: Honolulu Advertiser]

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