Never say never: Ford willing to team with other automakers

Talk about eerie. Shortly after news that Genera Motors was to engage in talks about an alliance with Renault/ Nissan, every columnist worth his salt began to speculate about Ford Motor Co. forming a similar alliance with another automaker in the industry. Many pointed out that such a team-up would make more sense than a GM/Renault/Nissan trio given Ford's precarious position in the market, which is considered by some to be worse than its larger domestic rival.
Well, such speculation may have been given some substance over the weekend. Ford CEO Bill Ford, Jr., said in an interview with the New York Times that the automaker has not dismissed such an alliance. He did not specify any particular automaker, though, and the company will continue plugging away with its 'Way Forward' plans. States Ford, "Regardless of any deal we might envision, the fact is that we have to fix our North American business." Sounds a lot like Rick Wagoner circa a week ago.

If Ford did get to pick a partner in the auto industry with which to join forces, which would make the most sense?

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[Source: New York Times via Reuters]

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