Blu-ray players on the horizon for in-car entertainment

The high-definition format wars are currently raging. HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray. The conflict reeks of Beta-Max vs. VHS, although at this point no one is sure which format will survive to become the standard. Regardless of which format prevails, it's only a matter of time before it ends up in a car, and Panasonic recently hinted that it's working on mobile entertainment applications for its Blu-ray technology.
The fact that Blu-ray can support 1080p resolution will be completely lost on the 7- to 10-inch LCD screens embedded in the backs of our headrests, but it will allow Blu-ray consumers to play their discs on the go, as well as record an obscene number of Sponge Bob episodes on one disc. Technoride suggests that before Blu-ray reaches car interiors, though, the hardware will need to be ruggedized to handle a jarring commute.

[Source: Technoride]

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