Road trip demo's to youth to 'kick the oil habit' with ethanol

Most folks take road trips to see new sights, visit friends, or discover themselves. For Mark Pike and his two college friends, though, their road trip is a part of a movement.
The trip, which is sponsored by the Center for American Progress, is to increase awareness of ethanol among today's youth. The three, who will be traveling from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles, plan to use only ethanol-gasoline blends in their Ford Crown Victoria during the trip. The young men had to plan their route with care: of the 170,000 gas stations in the U.S., only 7,500 offer ethanol blends.

Besides promoting ethanol to Americans, the Center for American Progress and Illinois Senator Barack Obama, who helped launch the trip, also see it as part of the Center's "Kick the Oil Habit" campaign designed to wean the U.S. from foreign oil dependency.

[Source: Reuters]

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