Hyundai workers walk out in South Korea - full strike is on

After two weeks of coordinated work stoppages, the Hyundai Motor Union went on full strike yesterday in South Korea. The prior two weeks of work stoppages have cost Hyundai a reported $768 million, putting the South Korean automaker 53,155 cars behind schedule.
On Thursday, twenty thousand workers stopped working after only two hours into their shift and the night shift didn't even bother to show up. Today, all 30,000 union workers plan to demonstrate for a raise of $131/month or 9.1 percent, a change from being paid for hours worked to a monthly pay system, and the introduction of a salary class system.

For its part, Hyundai is offering the workers a $68.50/month raise and performance-based incentives.

[Source: english.chosun]

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