Hide the Enzo! Brit teens steal, wreck 360 Modena

Last week in the UK, a pair of ambitious teens apparently decided that for their joyriding exploits, they'd boost something really special. A short time later they had relieved a Highgate Village residence of one silver Ferrari 360 Modena.
The Ferrari was reported stolen and the underaged GTA artists soon found themselves being chased by police. An eyewitness who saw the 360 fly past him guessed that the car had to be going around 100 miles per hour. That speed was reduced to zero moments later when the Ferrari and a light post tried to become one. The car, seen at right, did not take it well.

The two hooligans responsible for punching the car's ticket to the Scuderia in the Sky escaped with a few scrapes and scratches. They fled the scene on foot but were later picked up by the authorities and arraigned in Youth Court.

Despite the pickle in which the two little delinquents find themselves, they can take some pride in one thing: the little joyride demonstrated that their driving skills are at least equal to those of some Enzo drivers.

[Source: Tottenham Journal]

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