Ghosn says "no" to top spot at GM; is not currently talking with Ford

As talks approach with General Motors head Rick Wagoner, Carlos Ghosn is stating that he has no desire to head up the conglomerate if a merger of sorts takes place. Apparently, he feels that he's busy enough running both Nissan and Renault. Ghosn did show some interest in getting a board seat if a deal was struck with GM, though.

With regards toward the possible relationship between each company, Ghosn isn't yet willing to guess at the number of shares that the participating company might exchange with each other. He does, however, take a stab at estimating the amount of time that may be required to reach an agreement, saying that progress may be made in a matter of several weeks, with a deal struck by the end of this year. Perhaps most interesting of all was his comment that a merger would not solve some of GM's biggest problems, and that the world's largest car manufacturer would have to hash out legacy cost solutions on its own.

Additionally, Ghosn has stated that he is not engaging in talks with Ford Motor Company. We're not sure if he was simply trying to squash an existing rumor, or if this was an attempt to fan the flames.

[Sources: Detroit News; AP via Yahoo!]

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