Aptera prototype can get over 300 mpg

And you thought your car gets good mileage. Accelerated Composites, a new company out in San Diego, released pictures of its new Aptera prototype, a diesel-electric hybrid concept car that can get 330 mpg and go 95 mph. It seems that this small, light vehicle would be good for city driving and the company says it's a two-seater. I'm not sure where the passenger sits. The engine specifications make more sense to me: the 12 hp diesel engine conforms to the California Air Resources Board's strict emissions regulations and the electric system adds 25 hp. Put 'em together and the Aptera can go from 0-60 mph in 11 seconds. The prototype will be making demonstration trips around the U.S. this summer. The company is also repeatedly mentioning the under $20,000 price tag (once the Aptera hits the market) prominently on its website. Not bad for the little rocket, huh?

[Source: Accelerated Composites via Channel4.com]

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